PECSCO, a service company with high quality standards in the execution of its tasks and activities, provides a wide variety of services for the industry in general, the Maritime Port Industry, the construction industry, among others, which motivates us to become partners. strategic of our clients; to generate value for their companies, with a differentiating service, with a high degree of responsibility, quality in the execution and development of our activities.

Maintenance and Technical Support

We have technical and qualified personnel to provide the best quality service to our clients. Our experience in the port area gives us the truthful support to be an alternative and a strategic ally to the port and Industrial sector.

– Planning and execution of maintenance, preventive and corrective programs.
– Predictive Maintenance.
– Repairs and structural maintenance.
– Inspection and repair of electro-mechanical equipment and machinery.
– Repair and maintenance of electrical generation systems.
– Repair and maintenance of fire detection systems.
– Repair and maintenance of HVAC systems
– Among other services


Projects and Engineering

Our company has qualified personnel with the necessary preparation to provide engineering solutions studies. Our scope in the development of projects for the industry covers various branches in order to provide a professional and sustainable solution to our clients. These developments may contemplate some needs based on the size of the required project:

– Update and integration of control systems
– Industrial electrical installations
– Instrumentation and control
– Industrial conversion and modernization projects.
– Design, planning and execution of projects.
– Structural inspections.
– Among others

Consulting and Advice

Our results-focused company has specialized engineering and technical personnel with vast experience to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients.

Spare Parts

Our company is able to offer parts and spare parts from the main equipment manufacturers for the industry and the port sector of various applications such as;

– Electronic, electrical devices.
– Sensors
– Electro-mechanical devices
– Hydraulic, electrohydraulic equipment and devices
– Tools, screws, special bolts.
– Among others.