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Experience and Quality, with high standards for the Maintenance and Development of Port and Industrial Projects.



We offer various high-end products and services aimed at Industries and Ports. With vast experience we handle each project and service focusing on customer satisfaction, meeting the best safety standards.

Qualified Staff

We have qualified and authorized technical staff, each task to be carried out is planned and carried out efficiently and precisely, taking into account all the safety regulations, achieving the expected results within the established time.

Ports and Industries

We cover various areas of work, from the port maritime area to the industrial area, the construction industry. With improvement plans, automation projects, updates, general maintenance and repair, and more.

General Services

We strive to maintain the highest standards while exceeding customer expectations at all levels.

Mantenimiento y Soporte

Mantenimiento eléctrico, mecánico, inspecciones y reparaciones estructurales, (preventivos correctivos y predictivos). Laboramos con diversos equipos tales como STS Cranes, RTG's, spreaders, sistemas mecánicos hidráulicos.

Maintenance and Support

Update and Automation Projects

Consulting and Advice

Purchase and Sale of Spare Parts


To attend to the specific needs of our clients in terms of planning, execution and development of projects, scheduled tasks of repairs and maintenance services in general focused on the industry in general, commerce, the port maritime industry with a high sense of social responsibility and environmental.
Consulting and Processes
Projects Development
Solutions Approach
Systems Automation

We are the Best Option in Industrial Development

Count on our experience and ability to determine all industrial or port problems, receive a detailed report on the situation in your industry and have the appropriate solutions so that processes are optimized to the highest capacity.